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The "BIGReveal" Finally Revealed: "Eat, Shop, Live Anacostia" Arrives | Community Spirit

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The "BIGReveal" Finally Revealed: "Eat, Shop, Live Anacostia" Arrives

Finally, Anacostia has answered the question that has captivated the region. What exactly is the Big Reveal?

In a ceremony on Friday, September 10th, reSPIN Public Relations, the ARCH Development Corporation, and the DC Department of Housing and Community Development Corporation announced the arrival of “Eat Shop Live Anacostia”, a social/community/business network designed to continue to increase the marketability of Anacostia.

Eat Shop Live Anacostia” will feature its own website, storefront branding, community incentive cards, giveaways, and community events.

I, like many of you, have been searching for any kind of clue about the Big Reveal for weeks.  In the weeks leading up to the event, reSPIN PR, a Ward 8 PR firm, employed the good ole gimmick factor to intrigue the public and build speculation throughout the city streets.  The Big Reveal was touted as “the biggest thing to happen in Anacostia since the Big Chair coffee shop."

ESLA has fully immersed  itself in the social media landscape as well.  They have a Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare account.

How do you see ESLA playing out in the long run?  Big success or major failure?  Let us know!