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High School Fight Moves To City Streets | News

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High School Fight Moves To City Streets

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Police intervention teams worked with students at Anacostia High School Tuesday to prevent a recurrence of the fight that spilled from a school cafeteria to city streets in what school officials described as a fight between rival crews.

An assistant principal was slightly injured in the fight and a student was arrested because of that injury.

After the fight spilled into the street, gunshots were heard about a block and a half away, and responding police officers arrested a boy believed to be a student on gun charges, but said they did not know with certainty that he had fired the shots or was involved in the school brawl. No one was shot.

In graduation remarks at the school last summer, First Lady Michelle Obama made reference to the violence some students at the school have experienced.

"Our main goal is to ensure the safety of the students and to make sure that our relationship with the communities our schools are in remains a positive one.

"The incident that we had at Anacostia today was taken care of internally. We were able to abate the altercation that was had. MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) did respond to the scene and they continue to investigate what happened, but we were able to maintain order in the school. Instruction was not disrupted and we are waiting for MPD to get back to us to help us to take further steps in closure for that event today," said Schools Spokeswoman Saffiya Simmons.