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Police hunt for suspects in SE shooting death | News

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Police hunt for suspects in SE shooting death

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A man was shot to death just before midnight Thursday evening on Sayles Place in Southeast D.C.

Police say it's not just one person they are looking for, it's four people. The community where the crime happened is unfortunately not surprised. They are, however, fed up.

From construction signs to a crime scene, a man was found shot to death in the middle of a new development on Sayles Place. Although this change is positive, those who live around here aren't sure it's for good.

"Neighbors said it was just pow, pow, pow, then it stopped, then pow, pow, pow, pow. It's just been some crazy activity around here," says Theresa Brown, who lives on Bowen near the crime scene.

Brown says every time she hears that 'pow, pow, pow,' she knows what to do. "I slide off the bed onto the floor," she says. "Because you never know which way those bullets are coming. Bullets don't have a name on them, they have no direction. You don't know which way they are shooting."

Police say 23-year-old Demencio Lewis was the victim. Investigators are looking for four black men last seen wearing dark clothing and hoods leaving the scene in a black Hyundai Sonota. "Black on black crime, why are they killing each other? It doesn't make sense," says Brown.

Other neighbors say they're worried about their children. "I didn't see it I just heard it, then my son said can I look out the window? I said, no, you better duck! That's said you have to tell your little kids you have to duck," says one woman.

They say the signs of change are apparent though, in new buildings and cleaner streets. "It's not as bad as it used to be," says one neighbor. "This whole area is changing."