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Legislation To Be Introduced To Establish D.C. Jobs Czar

This story comes to us from Douglas Payton:

On September 20, 2011, Vincent B. Orange, Sr. Councilmember, At-Large will introduce legislation to establish the OFFICE OF THE JOBS CZAR, which will be directed by an individual with the title of Jobs Czar.


Mayor Gray Expresses Appreciation to Members of Congress for Supporting Budget Autonomy

Mayor Gray Expresses Appreciation to Members of Congress for Supporting Budget Autonomy


This story comes to us from Doxie McCoy:

OurDC To Protest Lack Of Jobs


Today, Thursday, August 18, at 2 p.m., OURDC will protest outside the office of Herndon, Virginia District Representative Frank Wolf.

 “Rep .Wolf backs job killing corporations that rake in trillions of dollars," Kendall Fells, OurDC Campaign Director said. "We’re going to fill his District office with scores of unemployed District and Virginia families to remind him that his policies are killing the American dream of a good job for thousands of families.”

OurDC claims that Wolf "sides with CEOs and Wall Street bankers over middle class families".


OUR DC Plans More Protests


This press release comes to us from OUR DC:

With no end to the jobs crisis in sight and fed up after a debt deal that will lead to job losses, unemployed District workers and community members will begin a series of August protests and other actions designed to remove Representatives Frank Wolf and Eric Cantor from office unless they adopt sound policies that creates jobs for middle class families. OurDC focuses on both Virginia Representatives in part because the District of Columbia has no voting representative in Congress.


While 30 million Americans are looking for work, corporate profits are at a record high and Wall Street banks have made over $100 billion in profits since taxpayers bailed them out. OurDC wants Congress to end tax breaks and loopholes for CEOs, hedge fund managers and others, and make big, profitable corporations pay their fair share of taxes so America can invest in creating quality jobs here at home.




New grants structure to ensure funding reaches more organizations and individuals