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FREE Linkedin & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Workshop for Mortals! May 24th 12 (noon) & 6:00 pm

FREE Linkedin & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Workshop for Mortals! May 24th 12 (noon) & 6:00 pm

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Friends of the National Arboretum Announces Major Donation

This story comes to us from Janice Kaplan:

"Half Street" Developments Still On Deck in Navy Yard

"Half Street" Developments Still On Deck in Navy Yard

It’s 10 a.m. on a Friday, and there are familiar sounds that fill the air outside of the Navy Yard Metro station stop in Southeast.  It’s the sound of wind whipping against the wood board advertisements for Half Street.  It’s the sound of an empty soda can rolling to and fro on the construction lot, clinking as it moves.  It’s the sound of a ghost town.

And it’s these sounds, these notes of nothingness, that serve as an eerie reminder that Half Street, one of the city’s biggest development projects, still has not come to fruition.

                           *                             *                        *                       

"Transformers 3" Filming in D.C.; Street Closures, Parking Restrictions Throughout City

"Transformers 3" will be filming all over the National Mall from October 11-October 15.  Because the production will be taking place, streets throughout Downtown will be closed, and additionally, there will parking restrictions in various locations.

Here's the entire list:

"Transformers 3" Filming Schedule

Thousands to Gather for Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

October 8, thousands of women and men will embark on a three-day, 60-mile journey to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.

The 2010 Susan G. Komen Washington D.C. 3-Day for the Cure will begin at Washington Nationals Stadium and travel 60 miles through the Washington D.C. area, concluding at the Washington Monument. The Washington D.C. community will provide encouragement by attending the Opening and Closing Ceremony and supporting walkers at official Cheering Stations along the route.

More information on these locations can be found at The3Day.org.

City-Wide Plastic Bag Usage Down; Is the Anacostia River Bag Tax the Reason?

The "Save the Anacostia River" Bag Tax might actually be working.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that plastic bag usage is down all over the District by about 60%, which seems to be a direct result of the city charging customers five cents per bag. 

Here is an excerpt from the WSJ report, which can viewed on the Wall Street Journal's website: