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Poll: Coolest House in Capitol Hill(Click Title To See All Photos)

Poll: Coolest House in Capitol Hill(Click Title To See All Photos)

Capitol Hill is filled with unique, colorful row houses and town homes that act as a neighborhood staple.  The homes are creatively constructed and some are architecturally stunning.  We scoured the streets of the community and took photos of what we think are the coolest residences in Capitol Hill. Click the title of this article to check them out and participate in our poll where we ask you which is your favorite!


"Half Street" Developments Still On Deck in Navy Yard

"Half Street" Developments Still On Deck in Navy Yard

It’s 10 a.m. on a Friday, and there are familiar sounds that fill the air outside of the Navy Yard Metro station stop in Southeast.  It’s the sound of wind whipping against the wood board advertisements for Half Street.  It’s the sound of an empty soda can rolling to and fro on the construction lot, clinking as it moves.  It’s the sound of a ghost town.

And it’s these sounds, these notes of nothingness, that serve as an eerie reminder that Half Street, one of the city’s biggest development projects, still has not come to fruition.

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Community Breaks Ground on Matthews Memorial Terrace

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Matthews Memorial Baptist Church, city officials, community leaders, development and finance partners and residents broke ground on October 8, 2010, for Matthews Memorial Terrace, an innovative new affordable housing rental development for seniors, working families and individuals in Anacostia.

With Rent Strike Over, Marbury Plaza Apartments in Anacostia Ready for Change

Changes are coming to the Marbury Plaza apartment complex in Anacostia.  After years of major problems, from units covered in mold to electrical outages, the building is primed to make tons of renovations after the buildings' owners agreed to supply five million dollars for repairs, ending a rent strike by residents that lasted two years.  Marbury Plaza is a set of two high-rise apartment buildings located in the 2300 block of Good Hope Road in Anacostia.

The settlement money will be used to help fix the buildings' air-conditioning, heating, and security systems.

Marbury Plaza has been around since 1968, when it constructed with the hopes of being a place where the young, up-and-comers in Anacostia could live at a higher rate than other buildings in the neighborhood. 

However, since then, Marbury Plaza has deteriorated as the buildings' owners ignored residents' quibbles.